Reinstating the County Art Advisory Council

Throughout the State of California, local County governments have invested in their local Art Advisory Councils and Art Commissions. This investment helps support a segment of their local economies, and have provided the additional benefit of allowing state funding to pass-through into their local Art Advisory Councils or Art Commissions.  


A Missed Opportunity:

The County’s current approach does not provide an overarching strategy that allows for a multi-year strategy in supporting the regions art community. With San Diego’s proximity to Los Angeles and Tijuana, it is situated well to be a regional powerhouse in the arts. The Los Angeles County Arts Commission has benefitted from state grants since 1985 from the California Art Council (CAC). The County of San Diego’s approach to supporting arts organizations is inefficient and does not provide the comprehensive results that a specialized Arts Commission can provide. Additionally, the County of San Diego does not benefit from the State-Local Partnership Program, which can provide support and funding to local Arts Advisory Council’s and Commissions. When elected, I will work to create an Art Commission and create an opportunity to create a coordinated strategic approach to regional art funding.


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In 2014 Kinsee Morlan details the decline of the County’s Art Advisory Council and the beginning of the ramifications it had on the region.

“In 1993, When Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Pam Slater-Price were elected to the board in 1993, they successfully pushed for the elimination of dozens of county programs that weren't state-mandated. The Arts Advisory Council lost funding but was allowed to apply for the county's Community Enhancement Program (CEP) funds, competing against hundreds of area nonprofits, including the very arts-and-culture organizations the advisory council served. The supervisors granted the council $150,000 the first year, but the following year—after Goodwin pushed for control of a portion of CEP money—the supervisors opted against funding the council, effectively killing it.”

“District 4 Supervisor Ron Roberts says he and the rest of the supervisors aren't as open to the idea. "It's just not going to happen while this board's in place," he says.”



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