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Human Rights Commissions:

San Diego County is a diverse region comprised of people of a wide range of racial, religious and ethnic groups. This diversity must be celebrated and protected. Discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, place of birth, citizenship, marital status, military service, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws, will not be tolerated. To honor and serve the diversity of the residents in San Diego County, we must establish a Human Rights Commission to help educate our region, mediate disagreements between diverse groups, foster understanding, promote tolerance, and build bridges between our diverse communities. See our plan here. 


As Washington cuts access to healthcare, San Diego needs to be a leader fighting to protect every resident's access to quality, affordable care.  That means expanding access to healthcare, more aggressive efforts by county government to sign up families for available services, taking advantage of state and federal funds, and increasing vital protections for children and families in need.


We must step up for our veterans, just as they stepped up for us to defend the freedoms we hold dear. County government needs to make it easier for our returning service members to get the help they need by removing the stigma associated with mental health issues, facilitating easy sign-up and registration for San Diego veterans for available services, and helping them find employment in county government.

Affordable Housing:

With skyrocketing home prices and ever increasing rent, something must be done in order to allow our local residents a comfortable and affordable place to live. We must look at all options such as affordable housing projects and alternative dwellings in order to give those living in San Diego peace of mind. We have a released a comprehensive housing plan that provides in-depth and specific steps that must be taken to help address the housing crisis. 


The County must take all necessary steps to ensure that our children can take full advantage of their education. This includes priority housing for our homeless youth, mental health screenings and assistance, transportation aid, and working toward more affordable and free community colleges. We have released a comprehensive plan to help our community college students. To see our plan, click here.

Commitment to the Arts:

The County’s current approach does not provide an overarching strategy that allows for a multi-year strategy in supporting the regions art community. When elected, I will work to create an Art Commission and create an opportunity to create a coordinated strategic approach to regional art funding. To see our plan click here. 


San Diego County is in need of more high paying jobs so local working families can afford to live comfortably in a very expensive region. I will work closely with my colleagues at the city and state to increase job training programs, invest in our local innovative economy and small businesses, and ensure our local workers have access to affordable higher education.


The County must be a leader when it comes to investing in proper transportation infrastructure. This means prioritizing projects that make sense for our communities and don’t detract from the character of our neighborhoods. We will work closely with other local governments to help reduce traffic in our region, reduce air pollution, and focus on bettering our public transportation.

Public Safety:

County government runs the Sheriff Department, District Attorney and Probation Departments. As a parent and the author of “Chelsea’s Law” few things are more important to Nathan Fletcher than ensuring we have safe communities and also work to ensuring rehabilitation and re-entry for those who have committed offenses and are working to turn their lives around.


Every opportunity must be afforded to our children, especially the County’s large homeless student population. We must expand our before and after-school programs, provide meals for our children when they are not in school, and provide adequate mental health services that encourage childhood development.

Ethics Reform:

San Diego County needs to adopt an independent Ethics Task Force that will be responsible for strengthening our campaign finance laws and hold our public officials accountable. It must be granted full authority to complete investigations, hold hearings, and enforce the law.  To read our plan, click here


County government has a major responsibility to ensure it is providing help and assistance to our seniors. There is much more that can be done--housing, employment, transportation and access to services.


County government runs and administers elections in San Diego County. We need real action to increase voter registration, education and participation. San Diego County should be a national leader in voting rights!

Mental Health Services:

San Diego County government is sitting on over $100 million dollars of available mental health services funding. This is money that needs to be put to work right now tackling the very real mental health crisis facing our region.

Environmental Protection :

San Diego County government should play a leadership role in ensuring we are not only protecting, but enhancing our amazing natural resources.  This includes more aggressive enforcement of water pollution, air pollution and finally implementing a real, regional climate action plan.

Foster Care and Adoption:

We have an obligation to ensure that every child in San Diego has a shot at bright future. That means real and sustained action to invest in evidence-based, measurable programs to help children in need. This starts with the counties adoption and foster care programs. As an adoptive father, there are few issues more important to Nathan Fletcher.

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