Nathan Fletcher Releases Plan to Establish County Human Rights Commission



December 11, 2017

Nathan Fletcher Releases Plan To Establish County Human Rights Commission

SAN DIEGO - Following International Human Rights Day, Nathan Fletcher, candidate for County Board of Supervisors District 4, released a detailed plan that would establish a San Diego County’s Human Rights Commission. 

Nathan Fletcher said: “San Diego County needs to have a Human Rights Commission. With such a diverse population that is made up of groups with different religions, races, orientations, and cultures, we need a countywide entity that will help build bridges between our communities and work to end discrimination.”


Fletcher’s proposed Human Rights Commission will be modeled after the Commissions at the City of San Diego, as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco County. Specific duties of the Commission would include:

  • The Commission will create a yearly report with recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on items that can enhance County programming to be more inclusive and provide educational components for additional effectiveness.  

  • County departments and staff  will use the commission as a resource  to review programs and ensure that all guidelines set by the Commission are met.

  • If necessary, mediate disagreements between groups or communities of differing backgrounds.

  • Process countywide complaints against businesses or organizations accused of discrimination based on any of the criteria mentioned above.

  • Prepare and distribute educational materials aimed at combating discrimination and abuse.

  • Investigate and mediate all instances of discrimination.

Fletcher’s proposal to create a County Human Rights Commission further establishes the former Assemblyman as a strong advocate for human rights and dignity. During his time in the Assembly, Nathan was one of the few Republican’s willing to denounce the harmful military policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Since leaving the legislature, Fletcher has worked tirelessly to end the stigma surrounding veteran mental health and bringing back our deported veterans.

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Nathan Fletcher is a Marine Corps combat veteran, former California State Assemblymember and a Professor of Practice at UCSD. In the State Assembly, Fletcher passed more than 30 laws to expand healthcare coverage, protect homeowners during the foreclosure crisis and strengthen penalties for violent crimes against children.  Since leaving the Assembly, Fletcher founded a veterans’ advocacy foundation to help eliminate the stigma surrounding Post-Traumatic Stress and joined the teaching faculty at UCSD.  Fletcher lives in City Heights with his wife, Lorena, and their four children.




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