Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom Endorses Nathan Fletcher for County Supervisor

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Dan Rottenstreich August 22, 2017 (619) 213-9839 mobile   Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom Endorses Nathan Fletcher for San Diego County Supervisor Highest profile Democratic endorsement in County Supervisor race to date   SAN DIEGO – Adding to the unmatched energy and unbridled enthusiasm coming together behind his bid for County Supervisor, today Nathan Fletcher landed a huge, high profile endorsement from California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.  Newsom’s endorsement marks the highest profile Democratic endorsement in the County Supervisor’s race to date.   Gavin Newsom said: “From his time in the Assembly to his advocacy for our veterans, I’ve worked hand in hand with Nathan Fletcher for years and know he has the progressive values, tireless passion and proven record San Diegans need in their next County Supervisor.  I look forward to working with Nathan to build a fairer economy, a cleaner environment and more affordable higher education for all of San Diego.”   Nathan Fletcher responded: “It is a profound honor to earn Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s endorsement so early in my campaign.  Gavin is a national leader who has fought, and won, progressive change on marriage equality, gun control, healthcare and more.  We share the belief that it’s time to take on the status quo and make government work for ordinary people in all our communities.”   Continue reading

Democrats For Equality Throw Full Support Behind Nathan Fletcher In Supervisor Race

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Dan Rottenstreich (619) 213-9839 mobile August 18, 2017   Democrats For Equality Throw Full Support Behind Nathan Fletcher In Supervisor Race   First Democratic Club endorsement in County Supervisor race goes to Fletcher   SAN DIEGO – Adding to the deluge of Democratic support coming together behind his campaign for San Diego County Supervisor, today Nathan Fletcher announced the endorsement of the San Diego Democrats for Equality, San Diego’s leading LGBT Democratic club and one of the largest, most effective grassroots Democratic organizations in Southern California. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, President of Democrats For Equality said: “The Democrats for Equality voted overwhelmingly to give Nathan Fletcher our full support and official endorsement in his campaign for County Supervisor.  Nathan has been an unwavering champion for equality, from speaking out to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to strengthening support for struggling LGBT youth.  We stand with Nathan in his campaign to take on the status quo in County Government and move San Diego forward in a progressive direction and we’re going to work hard to help him win.” Continue reading

All Five San Diego Community College Trustees Back Nathan Fletcher For County Supervisor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Dan Rottenstreich (619) 213-9839 mobile August 15, 2017   All Five San Diego Community College Trustees Back Nathan Fletcher For County Supervisor Fletcher proposes partnership between Community Colleges and County Government to help vulnerable students, address college affordability   SAN DIEGO – Continuing to grow unprecedented broad-based support throughout San Diego’s Democratic and progressive communities, today Nathan Fletcher earned the formal backing of all five elected trustees of the San Diego Community College District.  The endorsements come as Fletcher rolled out his plan for County Government to play a more active role in supporting community college, students and working towards college affordability.   Continue reading

Nathan Fletcher Calls For Formation Of Independent County Ethics Task Force

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Contact: Dan Rottenstreich August 9, 2017(619) 213-9839 mobile   Nathan Fletcher Calls For Formation Of Independent County Ethics Task Force Fletcher: “In the wake of local scandals, San Diego County must act on ethics and campaign reforms to keep politicians and bureaucrats accountable.” SAN DIEGO – Nathan Fletcher, candidate for County Supervisor, today called for the formation of an Independent San Diego County Ethics Task Force to tighten enforcement of campaign finance laws and strengthen oversight and accountability of public officials.  The Task Force would be the first of its kind for the County of San Diego. Nathan Fletcher said: “It’s time for San Diego County to strengthen local campaign finance laws and institute real accountability through an Independent Ethics Task Force to ensure County Government is open, transparent and works for the people.  The City of San Diego has had an Independent Ethics Commission for nearly two decades, but the County of San Diego has refused to take action to increase oversight and accountability for public officials. In the wake of local scandals, San Diego County must act on ethics and campaign reforms to hold politicians and bureaucrats accountable.”   Continue reading

Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos Backs Nathan Fletcher For County Supervisor

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Contact: Dan Rottenstreich July 27, 2017(619) 213-9839 mobile   Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos Backs Nathan Fletcher For County Supervisor Yet more broad based Democratic support for Fletcher   SAN DIEGO – Nathan Fletcher today earned the endorsement of Rafael Castellanos, Vice-Chairman of the San Diego Port District and one of San Diego’s most accomplished Democratic leaders, his campaign announced today.   Rafael Castellanos said: “Nathan Fletcher will bring a much-needed fresh perspective to the County Board of Supervisors to change business as usual and make a difference in the lives of ordinary people in Diego.  I’m proud to support Nathan Fletcher and look forward to working with him to invest in underserved communities, ensure clean air and water for every San Diegan and create good paying jobs for working people.”   On the Port Commission, Rafael Castellanos has been a tireless champion for the environment and job creation.  Castellanos has helped spearhead the Port’s Climate Action Plan and environmental initiatives to improve air quality on the waterfront and underserved communities, invest in clean energy and renewables, and expand the Port to create good jobs for working people.     Castellanos, who also has served as President of the La Raza Lawyers Association of San Diego is well-known for his strong base of support in San Diego’s progressive and Latino communities, and his endorsement adds significant momentum to Fletcher’s bid for Supervisor.   Nathan Fletcher said: “I’m honored to be endorsed by Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, a true champion for the environment, job creation and underserved communities.  I’m running for County Supervisor to take on the status quo and get the focus back on delivering for our neighborhoods and advancing the priorities of working people.  Every community in San Diego deserves clean air and water, good jobs and solid services our families can rely on.”   Continue reading

SD Union Tribune: Real politicians explain how government would pay for all those cities Thor, Spider-Man, and the X-Men destroy

Chris Barton Comic-Con is, at its root, an escapist event for fans and obsessives of pop culture. This year it made room for public policy wonks as well. While that sounds a bit like an uncomfortable intrusion of the real world in a weekend built on fantasy, it's also a tidy reflection of 2017 given the always-on state of politics. In a lively panel Saturday morning in room 29AB called "Who Cleans Up the Mess?" a collection of politicians and civil servants looked at how civic life would rebuild if the dazzling (but dangerous) superhero battles seen in blockbusters year after year came to life. And given the good-sized crowd it drew, fans were ready to listen. "I can’t believe anyone showed up to this panel. That’s a good sign of who we are as people," said San Diego Councilman David Alvarez, who was one of six city and state officials weighing in on government's role in the aftermath of not-so-natural disasters. Moderated by activist/blogger Rena Marrocco, the bulk of the conversation took place after watching clips of some particularly destructive superhero scenes, including Magneto relocating the Golden Gate Bridge in "X Men: The Last Stand," and the Avengers laying waste to a city center in the first installment of that franchise. Former California State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher referenced his military training in first restoring communications, order and human needs in crisis areas. And California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones looked at the potential for a homeowner's recovery.         Continue reading

Times of SD: Politicians Grapple with Aftermath of Epic Superhero Battle at Comic-Con Panel

By Luis Monteagudo Jr.   Policy wonks met pop culture geeks Saturday at Comic-Con. The meetup was for a panel called “Who Cleans Up The Mess” with state and local government officials discussing what it would take to rebuild a city damaged by a major superhero battle. The discussion drew an enthusiastic crowd of more than 100 fans, who filled one of the smaller rooms at the San Diego Convention Center. Just as enthusiastic were the local government leaders, more used to endless public hearing and meetings then a pop culture gathering. “I’m so very happy to be here with you today,” said a smiling Racquel Vasquez, the Mayor of Lemon Grove. Other panelists were Oceanside City Councilwoman Esther Sanchez, San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, California Treasurer John Chiang and former San Diego Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who wore a Wonder Woman t-shirt. Continue reading

SD Union Tribune: If a supervillain destroyed San Diego, how would you rebuild it?

By Joshua Stewart Contact Reporter The Ghostbusters saved New York City from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. But skyscrapers were covered with sticky fluff in the process, a mess that was left completely unaddressed in the script. And Lex Luthor, when he created an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault, certainly ripped up roads and power lines and sewer systems. While it made good for movies, after the closing credits rolled there was still a disaster to clean up. Like a lot of things tied to public administration, what happened next in Gotham and Metropolis would depend on willpower, support, money and political capital. It’s a practical problem that’s not as thrilling as saving the world, but it could also be a pivotal moment that causes a city’s rebirth and strengthens its resolve. “You think it’s all not real, right? And that it’s never going to happen,” San Diego Councilman David Alvarez said. “But I think that the takeaway is that things won’t happen this way, but communities in the past have faced challenges with their infrastructure, or natural disasters, and even war. “You have to rebuild, and how do you do that?” Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Donna Frye Endorses Nathan Fletcher for Supervisor

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:          Contact: Dan Rottenstreich July 18, 2017                                (619) 213-9839 mobile   Donna Frye Endorses Nathan Fletcher for Supervisor Progressive support for  Fletcher continues to grow   SAN DIEGO - Nathan Fletcher’s campaign  for County Supervisor announced today the endorsement of former City Councilmember Donna Frye, highlighting the growing support for Fletcher among San Diego’s top progressive leaders.    Donna Frye said, “I am endorsing Nathan Fletcher because he will help improve our quality of life by protecting and enhancing our environment, investing in San Diego families and listening and responding to the needs of our communities. He supports the rights of the public to know what its elected officials are doing and why. I have worked with Nathan and believe he has the right experience to make our county government more accountable to the public it serves.” Donna Frye is an outspoken environmental and open government advocate who served on the San Diego City Council from 2001-2010.   Frye is one of the most popular and well known progressive leaders in San Diego and her support is considered to be among the most significant and influential endorsements for Democratic candidates. Frye’s endorsement  adds to a growing list of high-profile endorsements for Fletcher from progressive leaders including Mike Thaller, former Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party, City Councilmember Chris Ward, Democratic Leaders Jess Durfee and Francine Busby, and the County workers’ union, SEIU Local 221.   Continue reading

San Diego County Workers Endorse Nathan Fletcher for Supervisor

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Tierra Gonzalez July 14, 2017 (858) 736-7025 mobile   San Diego County Workers Endorse Nathan Fletcher for Supervisor Influential union, SEIU 221, unanimously backs Fletcher   SAN DIEGO – SEIU 221, the union representing San Diego County workers, has endorsed Nathan Fletcher for County Supervisor.  The move by the 15,000 member union is a major early development in the race and adds to Fletcher’s growing support within San Diego’s powerful and influential labor movement.   David Garcias, President of SEIU 221 said: “We need a strong voice and a champion in challenging the rest of the Board to finally invest in supporting county employees and providing the services that our seniors, our children and our vulnerable neighbors need.  Nathan Fletcher has the experience, commitment and values to be that strong voice and we are proud to endorse him”   The SEIU endorsement comes just days after Fletcher kicked off his campaign and landed endorsements from Democratic City Councilman Chris Ward and former Democratic Party Chairs Francine Busby and Jess Durfee.  This week, Fletcher also earned a unanimous vote of support from San Diego’s Building and Construction Trades Council further cementing his backing within San Diego’s progressive Labor Movement.   Nathan Fletcher said:  “I am proud to be the choice of working people for County Supervisor and honored to earn the support of the hardworking County employees who provide vital services for our community.  I look forward to working with SEIU to strengthen economic security for families struggling to make ends meet, tackle the homeless crisis and invest in safer, stronger neighborhoods in every part of San Diego.”   Continue reading

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