Past 5-Bullet Fridays

June 14, 2019

Mental health matters: And it is worth fighting for! It is unacceptable that Tri-City Hospital closed its inpatient and crisis stabilization mental health services last year. They are a public health district and have an obligation to provide care for those in need--all other hospitals do! Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath and I are calling on them to reverse course and invest in meeting our regional needs. The County of San Diego is stepping up to do more. It is time for them to step up as well.


This guy should run for Congress: I really miss John Stewart. I loved the Daily Show and his witty and ironic take on the world. This week it went to a new level--he made one of the most impactful and authentic cases for an issue that defies logic--our failure to care for 9/11 first responders. John Stewart should pick a member of Congress (anywhere in the country) who has failed these heroes and run on this single issue! I would support him.

Stop the snooze: I had a new years resolution to sleep more (proper sleep is vital to overall health). I am failing. Must do better. This article helped me find a good first step--stopping the snooze. I get up early every day but set two alarms--20 minutes apart so I can snooze. It never really made sense and this information confirms snoozing is bad all the way around! I’m going to try and be a better person. Starting tomorrow. Well, maybe Monday:)  Will let you know how it goes.

Candidate to consider: Olga Diaz is an incredible person--daughter of immigrants, first to attend college, college dean and ten year veteran of the Escondido City Council! I am proud to support her for County Supervisor! Lorena and I are hosting an event for her campaign on Tuesday, June 25th. RSVP HERE! And if you can’t make it, please consider making a donation--any amount helps!


Valedictorian Address for the Ages: I don’t think anyone remembers anything said at any graduation. That makes this San Ysidro High School Valedictorian speech truly incredible. She thanked her parents, mentors and good teachers (nice, but not memorable). Then she went on to thank the high school counselor who missed appointments and ignored students needs for teaching her to fend for herself. And she thanked the teacher who showed up drunk daily for teaching students about the perils of alcoholism! Oh my!

June 7, 2019

Standing with our VA workers: On a week we honored those brave souls who stormed the beaches at Normandy, the Trump administration continued its efforts to dismantle the VA. Our country committed to our veterans to care for them after their service ends. That promise is fulfilled by having a fully staffed and funded VA. I was proud to stand with our VA workers to call on Trump to stop his efforts to underfund and outsource this vital work.


In Memoriam: 51 years ago this week, Bobby Kennedy was killed in California.  A few months before his death he gave this speech after the death of MLK. He asked, "What type of nation are we and what direction do we want to move”. His words speak to the state of affairs in America today. It is worth a watch.

Podcast to ponder: It is 241 days until the eyes of the nation focus in on the Iowa Caucuses. So you have plenty of time to listen to this fascinating podcast by a veteran reporter of the Des Moines Register called, “Three Tickets: History and Culture of the Iowa Caucus”. You can learn the ins, outs, and amazing history (including campaigns milking cows for votes).

Unnecessary meltdowns: San Diego is in the midst of an epic meltdown over transportation funding. Maybe everyone could take a little time out, breathe deep and figure out how we build a better future. Seattle did that and amazingly they lowered congestion (with a significant increase in population), lowered carbon emissions, improved air quality and built a regional system that is benefiting their economy! This is possible!

Picture of the week: This little surprise note from Caleb is the best thing I’ve ever seen logging into my computer and continues to make my day. Now, if they could just stay little and sweet forever:)


May 31, 2019

In memoriam: Memorial Day is one of my least favorite days of the year. In this twitter thread, I shared the story of service and sacrifice of my cousins who were killed in Afghanistan. But I also laid out some obligations for those of us still here--continuing to live a life of purpose, a simple step we can take now to ensure those who survived combat survive the peace that follows and the need to fight daily to have a country worth dying for.

Never give up:  Marilyn Webb didn’t give up on her dream of earning a Ph.D. even when two male professors stood in her way when she refused requested sexual favors in exchange for serving on her dissertation committee. That was 1967. However, next month, at the age of 76, Marilyn will finally receive her Ph.D. This is a tale of a past injustice that must continue to change attitudes and actions today!

Truly moving: This week, I moderated an event hosted by Jewish Family Services tackling the stigma of mental health injury. The guest was Kevin Hines--one of the few to survive a suicide attempt from the Golden Gate bridge. His incredible story is a testament to hope, resilience and the ability to fight daily. Check out and consider supporting his work.


Deeper dive: The opioid crisis has brought significant change in how our society views addiction (primarily because it impacted white people), but we still have a long way to go. Proven and effective treatments options like medication for addiction treatment and needle exchange are still widely resisted. In this great piece by Vox, a philosopher explains why addiction is not a moral failure. It is worth a read.  

For the win: My boys absolutely love, “Old Town Road”, a crossover between country star Billy Ray Cyrus (yes, that one) and rapper Lil NasX. It's not bad--even for the fourth consecutive time on the drive to school:) This 3rd grade class in Ohio got quite a treat. After a teacher posted a video of the kids singing and dancing to the song, Lil Nas X made a surprise visit to the school. It will make you smile!

May 24, 2019

Clean Air is Good/Cancer is Bad: It is sad that we measure the impact of toxic pollution based on how many people are likely to get cancer as a result. While the federal government is weakening protections for air quality, I am pleased the Board of Supervisors approved our effort to crack down on polluting industries!  

Got Milk?: “Milkshaking” is the newest political form of protest for controversial politicians in England. Yup--instead of the heckle, protest or mean tweet--an outbreak of people throwing milkshakes has broken out. It has gotten so bad, that police have started asking restaurants to stop selling milkshakes when politicians are near!  Our politics seems so tame:)

The way the cookie crumbles: The Trump administration has seen staggering turnover and major positions (Defense, Interior, Homeland Security, OMB, Small Business, and UN Ambassador) without Senate-confirmed leaders. We have Secretary Ben Carson as a source of stability as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. It came as little surprise that someone with no experience in the agency he leads would confuse a common housing term with an Oreo cookie. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Bad pitch: There is nothing worse than watching your favorite player get robbed by a clearly missed ball/strike call. A recent analysis shows that major league home plate umpires--the very best in the world--are getting 20% of the ball/strike calls wrong. It is time to modernize this age-old practice—use the technology available to get it right!

Sweetness: Jay Bariuan started working with me when I was first elected to the State Assembly and is simply wonderful. Jay has autism and came to us via Partnership with Industry. This week, the Board of Supervisor approved our effort to establish “Jay’s Program”--dedicated funding so every county department can hire their own “Jay”. Check out PWI to find hardworking team members who will bring indescribable joy to your office!


(Photo credit: Gary Warth UT)

May 17, 2019

Standing up for the environment: This week we announced CARB funding to monitor and then improve the air quality in San Diego. A child in Barrio Logan is 8 times more likely to have asthma than a child in La Jolla—that's wrong. Clean air and carbon reduction go together. A new report shows our CO2 levels are at the highest point in human history. Last time we were this high, beech trees grew on the South Pole.

Lessons of recent history: I fought in Iraq and see daily the incredible damage and lasting realities of a war that should not have happened. In the years since I have read a lot about Vietnam—another tragic reminder that getting into conflict is easy, getting out is hard. I am very troubled by the actions surrounding Iran. It is eerily similar to the early days of both Vietnam and Iraq. This piece by the conservative National Review helps put in perspective why a war with Iran would be a colossal mistake.

(After impending global doom and war, let's lighten up the last three bullets!)

If you need a break: The Best of Next Door is one of the funniest twitter accounts I follow. Trust me—you will laugh—just click on this sample of the pure random joy that will come your way. You can thank me later:)


Kids these days: I took the boys this week to get hair cuts. Zach (age 10) says very seriously, “Daddy—maybe she can cut the white out of your hair. You should ask her.”

Moves like Jagger: Speaking of getting old, this man should give us all hope. At 75, he can still do this (and they clearly “cut” the white out of his hair)

May 10, 2019

Enough: Another school shooting—children having to take on armed intruders. In New Zealand, it only took 26 days for action after a mass shooting. Why can't we do the same?  A quarter of all gun purchases do not use any form of background check. While the House of Representatives passed universal background checks, the GOP controlled Senate declared the idea dead on arrival. The only way to drive change is to change the Senate and that runs through the state of Arizona. Please join me in supporting former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly.

Proud of my wife: Lorena has been an advocate for working families and has worked for years to eliminate a tax on diapers and tampons. And she got it done!


Deeper dive: This powerful article from The Atlantic tells the story about West Virginia doctor who got pulled into the opioid explosion--both prescribing them to patients and then tragically addicted himself. A  tale of a healthcare system that drove us headlong into a national crisis and the power of personal redemption! Check it out.

Priorities: This week the initial county budget was released--it is a step in the right direction. I am pleased to see the largest increase in behavioral health, housing, and homeless services! You can read more about my response HERE and more about the overall budget HERE.

Parading for the environment: It was my honor to serve as the Grand Marshal for the Earth Day Parade. It was a beautiful day full of great energy and wonderful people. It was a time to collectively re-commit ourselves to the work of defending our planet and fighting for a cleaner future!


May 3, 2019

Time for talking: This week my colleagues put forward two symbolic votes, they are correct that we should take a stand on values. We had an honest conversation about race debating a change that can save lives, lower police officers injuries and modernize standards based on national best practices. And we also picked sides on the realities of climate change and transportation planning science.

“Remember” to Exercise: I get an Alpine start to my day--that means early morning for you non-mountain climber types. It ensures I can get in a workout. A new study shows that this isn’t just good for the body--it is good for the mind! A New York Times story explains why exercise can improve memory and other brain functions -- particularly in older adults!

Ed Balls Day: This past week we celebrated “Ed Balls Day”. Mr. Balls, a British member of parliament not familiar with the use of Twitter thought he was searching the internet and simply tweeted “Ed Balls”. The internet exploded and now he has his own day--April 28th! He wasn’t the first politician to screw up on social media--paging Ted Cruz:)

Tweet of the week: I don’t want my kids to die a hero at the hands of a madman.


Happy Birthday, Caleb!: The sweetest boy in the world (the inspiration for the tweet above) and my “baby” turned 8 this week. Yes, he got lava cake for dinner and doughnuts for breakfast! I asked him to stop growing and stay little forever. I’ll let you know how that goes:(



April 26, 2019

News of the week: Wednesday, I stood with the American Lung Association, public health experts and community leaders as we unveiled this year's State of the Air Report. The bad news--we received an F for our ozone levels. The good news-- there are a lot of people very committed to providing environmental justice and cleaner air to all our neighborhoods. It is a basic human right.

Book I recommend: 15 yrs ago this week, Pat Tillman was killed in action in Afghanistan. Where Men Find Glory by John Krakauer is an emotionally charged read that tells the complicated legacy of Tillman. A hero who gave up fame/fortune for service, but grew disillusioned with war. His death was deceptively used to tell a story that wasn't true. Every Krakauer book is great, but this one moved me. I struggle to grapple with the reality of this tragic situation and my own conflicted experiences on the realities of war versus the recruiting posters.

A day to set in your calendar:  We stand with survivors of sexual assault daily, but every April 24th we show that symbolically by wearing jeans. “Denim Day" day was born out of an OUTRAGEOUS Italian court ruling where the judge overturned a rape conviction because "the victim wore very tight jeans” she must have consented. This mindset must change and raising awareness is one way to help. Next April 24th (set in your calendar now), feel free to rock a little denim on denim.

The Few, The Proud: Lance Cpl. Caleb Eudy is a fighter. He had a lifelong desire to be a Marine, but during recruitment training, he was diagnosed with cancer. Eudy beat the odds and came back stronger. He has just graduated boot camp (after 956 days as a recruit) and is headed to the fleet! He exemplifies what it means to be a Marine! You are never out of the fight! Semper Fidelis LCpl Eudy!

Sacramento visit: I had a busy trip to the state capitol this week—started with our incredible President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, met Senators in advance of my confirmation hearings to CARB, helped push funding for homeless programs in SD, had dinner with Mayor Darrel Steinberg brainstorming behavioral health ideas, and stopped in to see my friend and our incredible Governor! But most importantly got to hang out with my wife--she is pretty cool:)


April 19, 2019

First 100 days: This week marked our 100th day serving the people of San Diego! It is an honor to serve the public. Enjoy this recap video of a few of the highlights from our first 100 days! We are excited about the possibilities ahead.

Deeper dive: This ProPublica pieces takes a deep dive into the recent Carr fire in Northern California--with a focus on warnings ignored and actions not taken. This was one of four immense fires that killed over 100 people, destroyed almost 30,000 properties and burned 700,000 acres. And it didn’t need to happen.

He must do yoga: Or this Houston Astros pitcher is the real life “Neo”from the Matrix (or maybe the matrix is everywhere. It is all around us...). The ball which grazed his finger will look like a routine 1-6-3 double play in the scorebook, but nothing routine about this.

Book I recommend: The Power Broker by Robert Caro (author of great LBJ series) has been on my list for a while. I read on the Kindle app and this one is only available in old school paper, but I lugged it around and am glad I did. The lessons from the failures of the Robert  Moses approach (he had some successes) made their way into a little tweetstorm about “induced demand”! If induced demand interests you, then we are definitely friends:)

Picture of the week: I love a great comeback. Tiger Woods overcame incredibly personal and physical setbacks and won a major after everyone said it couldn’t happen (watch him watching them say that). Zach was nine days old the last time Tiger won a major--it was wonderful to share this day with my boys! And to the guy who borrowed money to bet on Tiger and won over 1 million dollars--his first time every betting. JUST. STOP. NOW.


April 12, 2019

Way to ride: This week the Board of Supervisors approved our “Roadmap to the Future” to start to position San Diego as a national leader on electric vehicle infrastructure! I took Shawn Styles from CBS on a little James Corden carpool karaoke style tour of SD in an EV!

Thing to savor: I know it is a long season, blah, blah, blah. But come on Padres fans--our team is in solo 1st place and has more wins than any team in the National League. Just allow yourself to enjoy this incredibly young and exciting team playing really great baseball!

Cause you should support: The Mary Seau CTE Foundation was founded by Junior Seau’s sister, Mary, after his passing. Junior told her to “take care of the kid's brains” and she works to do just that--increase awareness and education to detect and treat brain trauma and enrich the lives of all those affected. Oh--she also works full time as a nurse. She is amazing.

En Espanol: I am fortunate to have several amazing native Spanish speakers on #TeamFletcher. They are always pushing me to show off my skills (or their teaching skills). I am not sure I will get many points for actual language ability but hopefully some points for effort:) 

Tweet of the week: I love inquisitive kids--especially my own:) But this tweet is spot on and really cracked me up!


April 5, 2019

For the People: This week, hundreds of community members came to the FIRST ever County of San Diego Community Budget Forum! A packed house in City Heights heard from top county leadership on budget structure/organization and then we heard directly from the community on their budget priorities! It was a great evening!

Dream big: Senator Kamala Harris wants DREAMers to work on Capitol Hill. Smart move! The DREAMer who works in my Supervisorial office and was the campaign manager of my election is terrific! I don’t know anyone more committed to equity and opportunity for all!

Must read story: I have reached the summit of two of the “seven summits” (Denali and Aconcagua) and have Everest in my sites! But K2 is a MUCH more challenging mountain. Climbing this beast is intense but skiing down from the top had never been done.  Well, National Geographic Adventurer of the year Andrzel Bargiel has done it. Truly insane.

Photo of the week: We got away on Spring Break to Big Basin Redwood State Park. All of our State Parks are great, but this is the only one home to the largest organism on the planet -- the giant sequoia tree! Along with waterfalls and views of the Pacific Ocean, you can see trees that are as tall as the Statue of Liberty and that predate the Roman Empire!


Tip of the (cowboy) hat): Goes to county music mega-star Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley-- they just broke ground on a free grocery store in Nashville for those food insecure. They got the idea right here in California -- volunteering with their kids at a similar operation! You can support the good cause HERE!

March 29, 2019

Mental Health Matters: This week the Board of Supervisors passed our measure to not only repurpose county land previously designed for luxury condos to build mental health facilities but more importantly to create a regional network of these vital behavioral health centers! Thank you to all who stood with us!

#LetTheKidsPlay: Opening day of baseball season is one of my favorite days! Our Padres won and are above .500 for the first time in 1,390 days:) Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis promise to make this an exciting season. For the record—I love bat flipping, showboating and firey play—baseball should be fun!

Small town, USA: Climate change isn’t just a coastal issue about sea level rise and polar bears. Hamburg, Iowa has 1,100 people (about the size of my small town in Arkansas). This heartbreaking story details how in the absence of federal help, the citizens came together to fight climate change. And how they lost. This county gave Donald Trump 68% of the vote in 2016.

Tweet of the week: Speaking of Trump, this week we saw him double down on taking away healthcare from millions of Americans. The stakes couldn’t be higher—support your preferred candidate in the primary, but remember the goal:


Your excuse for not working out?: “An 84-year-old pole-vaulter isn’t putting her pole down anytime soon.”  Florence “Fo” Meiler took up the sport at the age of 65 and doesn't have any plans to stop competing in pole-vaulting events around the world. Let her spirit motivate us all to move a little bit more!


March 22, 2019

Child Strengthening: Last week, the Board of Supervisors voted to restructure our board that oversees the child welfare system. I am honored to serve as Co-Chair of this body with Supervisor Greg Cox. Too often, children are forced to pay for the mistakes of adults and we owe them everything we can do to ensure a strong and stable life. We have a lot of work to do!

Documentary you should watch: The Central Park Five is an older documentary that I just saw. It's about five Black and Hispanic kids convicted of a brutal attack in Central Park. Under pressure and duress, they all confessed to a crime, they clearly did not commit. This shocking and heartbreaking film will make you think and rethink the justice in our criminal justice system.

Picture of the week: This week it was great to meet with Congressman Joe Kennedy. He has quite a name to live up to and he is certainly doing it. I am grateful he is serving our country!


Let’s go!: This week I stood with local leaders to announce encouraging signs that San Diegans are ready to invest in transit. As a member of the Metropolitan Transit System Board, we are going to get to work engaging our communities to see if we can bring a measure before the voters in 2020! As our region continues to grow, we need to invest in more sustainable transportation and transit.  

Tweet of the week: Men can be really dumb.



March 15, 2019

Rise and Shine: I like to get an “Alpine Start” to the day--out of bed at 5 am. I love the time--it's quiet and the kids are asleep. I can read, workout and get ready for the day. This new book outlines the personal (and some scientific) benefits to this habit. I suggested this to a night owl friend of mine telling him, “you know, the early bird gets the worm.” He immediately deadpanned a response saying, “yeah, but the early worm gets eaten.” True:)

Engagement is good: This week, the County Board of Supervisors approved our measure to add an evening budget hearing--our democracy is stronger with more opportunities to engage and hear directly from those we serve. And we also took the first steps to create a platform for bold action to improve our child welfare system. I appreciate the support of my colleagues on both!

State the states: Of course, I know the 50 states. Wait, is that Vermont or New Hampshire? That happened while working with Zach learning the 50 states. Try this great website that tests your ability to properly place them all! My 10 year old now scores 100% in less than two minutes. (Tips: Nebraska has a notch, Vermont is shaped like a V, Connecticut “connects” New York to Rhode Island...).

Correlation is not causation: Diagnosis of autism has risen over the past few decades. Children have received vaccines over the last few decades. But that doesn’t mean the two are connected. By the logic of anti-vaxxers, the rise of autism has been caused by Jenny McCarthy -- it happened while she has been alive. But, as we know, correlation is not causation. We now have yet another study that shows what every other one has shown--vaccines do NOT cause autism. Not vaccinating children does cause preventable disease outbreaks. That causes death. Those are related!

Picture of the Week: One of these guys walked on the moon—the other one thinks that is incredibly cool! It was an honor to meet Buzz Aldrin. In addition to walking on the moon, he is the main character in probably two of my favorite internet videos of all time: Buzz Aldrin handles land moon denier and Buzz Aldrin reacts to Trump speech.



March 8, 2019

Getting things done: This coming Tuesday, we will be bringing before the Board of Supervisors a measure to increase access, transparency and public engagement in our budget process! This story mentions that pending item and does a quick recap of a few of the things we have been working on!

Grand Canyon just got grander: Rose Torphy is the newest member of the Grand Canyon’s Junior Ranger Program--she is 103 years old:)The national park is only 100 years old! She is committed to preserving this natural monument for generations to come. Her secret to long life? Exercise and a daily glass of wine 🍷

Story you might have missed: This is a very troubling story that shows despite low unemployment and high corporate profits, an all-time high number of Americans are missing their car payments. This shows a critical weakness in our economy--and the problem with relying on the stock market or GDP as a prime measure--wages are not keeping pace with growth and workers are falling further behind.

Happiest place on earth: Last Saturday, we escaped the daily grind to take the family to Disneyland. The downpour was a blessing as it weeded out the weak and gave us shorter lines:) Being there reminded me of a friend who was pulled over by a cop while driving into the Disneyland parking lot a few years back. My friend protested saying, “I thought this was the happiest place on Earth”. The Cop replied, “well I am happy, sign right here.”

Picture of the week: Always excited to have visitors come to our office. Even more excited when its Governor Gavin Newsom. Proud to call him my friend and Governor!


March 1, 2019

This week the Board of Supervisors approved a progressive proposal put forward by myself and my colleague Dianne Jacob. A big thank you to the environmental leaders who supported our effort!  

Priorities Matter: The media plays a vital role in our democracy, but doing our job comes before talking about it. Pretty sure had I missed a vote to do an interview that would have been a story:)


You can’t make this “shit” up-literally ;) My wife tells me bathroom jokes are always bad—and this story validates her! A man in a Home Depot bathroom was heard saying, “You all need to get out of here because I’m fixin to blow it up”. Yup—turned into a 911 and bomb squad call:)

The art of the extreme: Free Solo won an Oscar for best documentary. I highly recommend this doc for all of those with adventurous spirit but know that it is tough to watch Alex Honnold scale El Cap without a rope! He is truly nuts!

Speaking of mountains: This weekend I climbed to the summit of El Cajon mountain. A great hike with spectacular views! Just one of many incredible parks and open space preserved and maintained by the County of San Diego.



February 22, 2019

NOT ABOUT THE SHOE: The Nike shoe of Duke superstar Zion Williams fell into pieces at the start of a high profile game. I don’t care about the shoe--I care about the injustice that the coach makes close to 10 million dollars a year, the NCAA makes a billion dollars off march madness, and the university sells jerseys with HIS NAME ON THEM. Pay the damn players! Don’t just give them shoes and a scholarship. Their labor and true value are being stolen.

Strong move 💪🏼: Los Angeles County is stepping up to address the problem that a huge percentage of those in jail are suffering from mental health injury. So they voted to tear down a jail and build a mental health treatment facility. Baseball is approaching so my “beat LA” chant is warming up, but on this issue, I say “bravo LA”.

Manny Mania: Speaking of baseball, what a week to be a Padres fan! I am beyond excited we signed Manny Machado! I feel the need to point out (for cynical ones out there--like the guy I sat with on the plane): you play 162 games a year in baseball, we will not win them all (more than half this year would be good), Machado will strike out a few times, probably make an error. But we are headed in a new direction!

Go Green: This week my office met with a group of environmental leaders to lay out a path so we can address climate change, water quality, air pollution, open space and a lot more. There was a lot of green this week--my first meeting at California Air Resources Board and getting ready for the vote on Tuesday to have County join the Community Choice Energy Movement--sign our petition to support that cause here!


Unsolicited tip: After all this rain, I imagine your shoes look terrible! Get a great shoe shine from my friend Joey (Joey’s Shoe Shine). He is a character with a compelling personal story of redemption and rehabilitation. He will make you smile and your shoes will shine. Be sure you tell him I sent you—he is also a voter in my district:)


February 15, 2019

Trumped: The County Board of Supervisors - yours truly included - voted to sue the Trump Administration over their inhumane and morally corrupt immigration policies. It is truly a new day in our county:) I am proud of the way San Diego County and our community has stood-up to Trump’s bully-tactics.  

Overheard: Last week, we hosted Chelsea Clinton in San Diego for a discussion on transforming our foster care and juvenile justice system! Like myself, she grew up in Arkansas and laughed saying, “when I started my day, I never dreamed we would be talking about Smackover, Arkansas.” Yes, she has been to my little hometown:)

Social media reply of the week: Speaking of Arkansas, I couldn’t resist sharing this little Facebook exchange. Sadly, I don’t have time to respond to all the trolls out there, but it is important we point out facts and never back down from being on the right side of an issue:


This week in history :)  On February 11, 1990, Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years. Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist and first democratically elected and first black president of South Africa. His legacy lives on and continues to inspire social justice activism throughout the world.


Throwback: This one is a sad throwback. Last year this week, I had to say goodbye to my puppy, Jagger, who helped me 15 years ago when I came back from war. He was a sweet boy, with a strong spirit. On this last day, we shared a shared a final trip to the beach and all the peanut butter he could eat. I’m grateful these amazing creatures exist:)



February 8, 2019

Straight bragging: It is always cool to have the Governor come visit San Diego. Even better when he comes to praise the work our county is doing to help asylum seekers. Take a second to hear directly from Governor Newsom.


Kind of a big deal: Due to climate change, the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is one of the most unstable in the world. New research released this week from NASA outlines the frightening reality that a massive underwater cavity is accelerating the glacier’s decay.

If the Thwaites Glacier all melted it would raise the world’s oceans by over two feet—think about that San Diego.

Book I just finished: The World As It Is” by former Obama National Security Aide Ben Rhodes is about as good as you will ever read on a political memoir. He talks openly and honestly about the challenges of navigating a complex world, the realities of politics and gives an incredible look into the day to day life during the Obama years. I can’t more highly recommend it.

Nailed it: If you watched the State of Union you might have noticed the honoring of 97-year-old World War II veteran Joe Reilly. Joe is truly the greatest generation and a wonderful man. A few years ago he joined us at a veterans event I hosted, and his words from that event about who we are as a people are some the most powerful you will ever hear.

Quote of the week: In Honor of Black History Month here is this quote from Bayard Rustin; an unsung hero from the Civil Rights Movement. The definition of intersectionality, Rustin was an openly gay man who advocated for both Civil Rights and Gay Rights.

"We are all one and if we don't know, we will learn it the hard way."

February 1, 2019

ICYMI: This week we had an enormous win at the County! The Board approved legislation we authored with Supervisor Greg Cox to provide a shelter for families and children seeking asylum in San Diego.

Never give up: The PGA tournament in San Diego last week featured big stars--Tiger plus whoever actually won:) But the biggest star is 37 year old, Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, a Mexican immigrant who worked for 10 years as a laborer on a golf course and is now on the PGA tour! He didn’t make the cut this week, but is clearly winning in the game of life.

Now it makes sense: This LA Times story highlights efforts by Governor Newsom to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. I was struck the opponents didn’t have an argument against what he is doing, they just say he just wants to run for national office. It is good to the opponents acknowledge common sense gun control efforts have nationwide support!

More baseball (and documentary suggestion): Last week, I shared our countdown timer to spring training:) This week, I saw an incredible documentary, “Battered Bastards of Baseball”. This story tracks the Portland Mavericks--at the time, the only independent minor league baseball team. Team was started by Bing Russell (actor) and included a merry band of misfits, plus his son Kurt Russell. This moving story is about what can happen when the love of a game trumps profit or ambition.

Tweet of the week: I am thrilled to be have been appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to the California Air Resources Board! I hope to earn the support of the Senate through the confirmation process and get to work! Nothing better than clean air!


January 25, 2019

News story: Climate change is real and it is impacting the military and their missions. This article titled, “The awkward dance between Trump and the military over climate change,” details how climate change has become a matter of national security. It is clear that when it comes to climate change we need to do more.

Podcast that made me think: Gladiator is a podcast brought to you by the Boston Globe spotlight team (same folks who did the heartbreaking but important work on the scandals in the Catholic Church) that focuses on the tragic story of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. A tragic story of death, childhood trauma and the impact of CTE.

Something you might not know: As we head into another week of the federal government shutdown over what Trump calls a lack of commitment to border security, it is important to remember this study from 2013:  “U.S. Spends More on Immigration Enforcement than on FBI, DEA, Secret Service & All Other Federal Criminal Law Enforcement Agencies Combined

Key stat: We are 17 days, 9 hours and 44 seconds away from the start of Spring Training! Hope springs eternal for our Padres:) If you don’t want to do the math on the kick off of America’s Pastime here is a handy countdown timer!

Photo of the week: Ok--it isn’t from this week, but I love this picture of our family at swearing-in!  


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